By Espark on Wed 10 Mar, 2021.

Ai - Mo Times

- Hi I am your host 1Chill, and today my reporter friends, Druid, Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis, PeacefulPotato, and I are going to present to you the newspaper for today, 01/6/2020.

Polytopia News:

Today, our server entered in the Kickoo Tribe Moon, even if the server was down for a bit, our admins and mods posted an announcement in the server, and I cite:

Welcome to June! Today is the first day of the Kickoo Tribe Moon, and like usual, we have fun things in store!

First, the blurb that goes with the picture: "When Kickoo sailors aren't sailing, they prefer to play sports! Footraces, wrestling, and canoeing are common, but the most popular sport is Hak'ilani, which is similar to tennis but played by 4 players on a specially-made floating platform. Don't fall off!"

Second, like usual, we'll be having an art contest! We'll reveal more on that later today.

Third, #kickoo-discussion is open, so we can now start discussing our favorite water-borne, boat-filled tribe!

Fourth, there are discounts on all Kickoo merchandise on until June 30th!

That's it for now! May your fish be plentiful! -Zoythrus

Even if this happened, the server is still inactive, but it started rising a bit again later in the day. This new Tribe Moon will finish on 1st of July, when the Zebasi one will start. In rest the server is doing right, and everyone is happy. Keep Up Polytopia!

Ai - Mo News:

Our tribe is doing well, today, during the period when the Polytopia Discord server was down, a lot of people came to seek refuge in the monastery. They talked and enjoyed our community, showing we are still one of the biggest communities and also one of the most active ones, even in the server's declined state. In rest, we are doing ok, we are trying to spread peace and serenity through the server.

Fan Made Tribe:

Today, our reporters found another archive with another tribe idea, today we will present to you the Dwadram tribe, made by Grim Squeker: Dwadram - the dwarves "After years buried under the great mountains, mining their sulphur and iron, the delvings of overzealous tribes into their mountains has aroused their fury, and they emerge, three by three, from their mines to enact vengeance on those who would dare invade their domain"

Smithing -> Delving Philosophy -> Beserkerism Mining -> Black Powder

Delving Allows you to pay 5 stars to delve into a mountain and spawn ore there. Otherwise it's the same

Beserkerism No literacy bonus Unlocks beserker

Black powder Unlocks Thunderstick Unlocks Sulphur Mine

Starts with climbing

Roads Unlocks tunnel as well as roads New units: Mind bender -> Beserker Hp: 15 Cost:5 Atk: 3 Defence: 1 Mov: 1 Range: 1 Skills: Dash, Beserk Weapon: axe

Thunderstick Cost: 5 Hp: 10 Atk: 3 Defence: 1 Mov: 1 Range: 2 Skills: Piercing Weapon: battleship cannonball

Giant -> Warchief Cost: N/A Atk: 4.5 Def: 3.5 Mov: 1 Range: 1 Skills: Dash, Inspiration Weapon: axe

New buildings: Tunnel Cost: 4 stars Negates mountain movement debuff.

Sulphur Mine Cost: 7 stars Can be built on any mountain with ore Gives 1 star a turn, and forges give 1 star a turn for every Sulphur Mine surrounding them.

New skills: Beserk - this unit attacks twice and receives two counterattacks in return Piercing - negates armour buffs Inspiration - gives all surrounding friendly units +0.5 attack

Terrain: 20% plain 7% fruit on plain 3% farmland 20% forest 5% animal 30% mountain 15% mountain with ore (Thanks to Grim Squeker) - Thanks to everyone who reads this. Thanks to Druid, Espark and Potato for editin. Thanks to Hspark, Joxteoz, Artemis and others for being good reporters.Thanks to Grim Squeker for the tribe idea. Thanks to the admins and mods for letting us post the newspaper, and thanks to YOU. Keep Up Ai-Mo Thanks 1chill!