By Espark on Wed 10 Mar, 2021.

Ai - Mo Times

Hi, I am your host 1Chill. My reporter friends, Druid, Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis, PeacefulPotato, CoolNotFoolGuy, and I, are going to present to you the newspaper for today, 08/06/2020.

Polytopia News:

Today, on the Polytopia Discord server, things are normal. Usually, there are about 1000 to 2000 people online. Even if the majority of the serious channels are very quiet, when people are talking, things get interesting. As usual, the non-serious channels seem to be more active. Members are also waiting for the Art Competition to end to see if their tribe will win, but overall everything is good. We have noticed a Moderator, Abbalke, often asking about the mood of the tribes and the leaders. This has become annoying, mostly because he doesn't stick around to see the responses. Now some people are creating far-fetched stories so they can make him stop and also see his reaction.

I, however, enjoy him popping in to see how we are, he even sends me a DM asking how I a and find it rude to try to stop him -Druid

The server is still mostly quiet, but this is not a new problem. From what a lot of people are saying, a new update would make the server a more active place to hang out. Yet we don't know when an update will come since the unity port and steam must come first.

Ai-Mo News:

Today, in the Ai-Moyan community, things have gone well. People are active, helpful and always funny. We are one of the most active communities, even in this period, where there is less activity on the server.

Much like last night, three of the older members held a long lasting conversation that even a mod, Night, decided to drop in and see. A lot of questions are being asked. Our tribe was also hit by Abbalke, still asking “How is Ai-mo?”, with some amusing responses. Mostly about pillbugs.

Overall, our mission continues: trying to spread peace and serenity through the server.

Fan Man Tribe:

Today’s tribe idea that will be presented by our reporters was made by LinneaBorealis. We are talking about Peekaboo: Point 1: Starting State. The Peekaboo do NOT start with a starting city, and they do NOT have their own terrain. Instead, they own all villages and have a "capital village" where their one invisible explorer starts. The Explorer is harmless, has a slightly better HP regen than Warriors, and has a movement of 2. Though the Peekaboo own all villages, they cannot see or interact with them until they uncover them from the clouds. Once the village is uncovered, you can start making units and stars per turn with them. The Peekaboo can upgrade their villages and make units and buildings, but no other tribe can see or be affected by these improvements until the capital village is discovered. The Peekaboo do not have a starting tech, and cannot steal one from any source until the capital village is discovered (see point 3). As well, the Peekaboo cannot use ruins until they are discovered. Point 2: When The Enemy takes over a normal village If there were any improvements made to it by the Peekaboo, their enemy can now see it. However, none of the units attached to it can be seen. Point 3: When the Enemy attempts to take over the Capital Village The Peekaboo are 'discovered.' The enemy unit attempting to take the capital village over gets destroyed with no cost to the Peekaboo. Any units taking over other villages are destroyed with no cost as well. The Capital Village, all remaining villages and all units become active and can affect and be affected by the Enemy. If there is overlap between any Peekaboo units and any enemy units, the Peekaboo units will either shove the enemy into a nearby square or destroy them if there is no room to push them. Once the Peekaboo get discovered, they can interact with other tribes. If they met any other tribes, they steal tech from them now. The Peekaboo can use ruins now too. Additionally, other tribes can interact with the Peekaboo: they benefit from their roads, they can be attacked by their warriors, and can see their movements and the fact they exist when they get the replay of other tribe movements. It only takes 1 Enemy to discover the Peekaboo for everyone (this might get changed). Once the Peekaboo are discovered they can never go back to being hidden. (Thanks Linnea) - Thanks to everyone who reads this, thanks to our editors: Druid, Espark and PeacefulPotato, thanks to our reporters: Joxteoz, Artemis, Hspark, CoolNotFoolGuy and others, thanks to Linnea for the tribe idea, thanks to the mods and admins for letting us post this, and thanks to You! Keep Up Ai-Mo! Thanks 1chill!