By Espark on Wed 10 Mar, 2021.

Ai-Mo Times

Hi, I am your host 1Chill. My reporter friends, Druid, Espark, Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis, PeacefulPotato, CoolNotFoolGuy, ArcticFox, and I, are going to present you the newspaper for today, 15/06/2020.

Polytopia News:

The Polytopia Discord server has some really important things happening, one being the rise of the number cult, created in the Ai-Moyan community by Azure. This is where people change their nicknames to their Discord ID. It spread fast and is attracting people, including a mod and an admin. This is a result of a combination of ideas and feelings that are now spreading with the help of the number cult. It appears as if one cult must fall for the rise of another, and as a result, the spark cult has died away.

Also, we should have the votes for the art-contest, but since there was no announcement beside the one presenting the FB tourney, nothing is clear. We should expect an announcement tomorrow to clarify the art-contest votes. The server is doing well and people are showing a good activity period.

Ai-Mo News:

The Ai-Moyan server was the place where Azure founded the number cult. Apparently, one of the most active communities somehow created one of the most popular cults in the server's history. The website about the Ai-Mo Times is also doing well, and the development continues simultaneously with our mission in spreading peace and serenity through the server. Even some older members, even if just briefly, are returning to talk with their friends and meet a few of the newest members.

Fan Made Tribe

Today we will be presenting the Alementha, created by THomez, for the third time. However, this is because THomez has improved the tribe. According to THomez: The Alementha rely on weather and elements to wipe all other tribes off the face of the square. The Alementha do not get population the same way as other tribes. They get stars and population according to the following: Fruit-2 stars Game-2 stars Forest-5 stars Crop-2 stars Metal-5 stars Fish-2 stars Whale-10 stars Things you can build(excluding monuments) Port All temples except forest temples House-1 pop, 2 stars, must be built on land Market-2 stars + 1 pop per house around it, 10 stars, must be built on land Cliff house-2 pop, 4 stars, must be built on mountains Furnace-2 pop per cliff house around it, 5 stars, must be built on land Turbine-2 stars for every nearby sea/ocean tile + 2 pop, 10 stars, must be built on mountains Spawn rates: Land, Nothing: 10% Land, fruit: 10% Land, crop: 5% Forest, nothing: 10% Forest, game: 10% Mountain, nothing: 15% Mountain, ore: 15% Water: 25% Parts forming the cities names: Ja Kai Ny C Dar Od Ole L Wu Zan E Ski These are the elements they can use: Lightning, 5 stars, can be used thrice per turn Tornado, 5 stars, can be used once every 3 turns Flood, 5 stars, can be used once every 3 turns Tsunami, 10 stars, can be used once every 5 turns Burning Forests, 10 stars, can be used once every 5 turns Making volcanoes, 15 stars, only 2 can be built at any one time New Ideas: Lightning: the lightning can be used twice per turn and deals damage calculation of 20 health for 2 attack. The defender becomes paralyzed but no one can attack them. Anyone who attacks them is also paralyzed. You are paralyzed for one turn. Tornado Storm affects a 3x3 area and partially floods it all. It deals damage of 2 for 15 health to all units, except your own in the area. Flood: TBD Tsunami: when the tsunami happens, it must start from an ocean tile, it then moves from the ocean in the direction you choose being 3 tiles wide. When it hits land, the first 3 land tiles it hit hits gets flooded, the next 9 get partially flooded Burning forests: When they use their burn forest ability, they start a fire on one forest, and it spreads. It remains alight for one turn and it spreads to all forest next to it and starts a chain reaction, turn by turn. It can destroy max 15 forest tiles. It makes them all crop fields. Volcanoes: TBD -Boats and units with the swim or navigate skills can go onto the flooded tiles -Only units with swim can go on partially flooded tiles -A flooded tile becomes partially flooded after 2 turns -A boat on a flooded tile that becomes partially flooded is immediately destroyed. -Any land units alive when the tsunami strikes loses 15 health immediately -Any unit that has remained in a flooded/partially flooded tile for 3 turns dies. A land unit on a flooded tile loses 5 health per turn. A land unit on a partially flooded tile loses 3 health per turn. As soon as the land unit leaves the water, full health is given to the unit. -No attacks or defends can be made from units in flooded/partially flooded tiles. -You can attack units in the flooded/partially if you are not inside. -You can only move one tile if you are leaving a flooded/partially tile -Units with the swim skill are exempted from the above penalties -Alementha units do not lose health when on flooded/partially flooded tiles. (Thanks THomez) - Thanks to everyone who reads this. Thanks to our editors: Druid, Espark and PeacefulPotato. Thanks to our reporters: Joxteoz, Hspark, CoolNotFoolGuy, Artemis and others. Thanks to ArcticFox who is working on a potential newspaper website. Thanks to THomez for the fan tribe idea. Thanks to the mods and admins for letting us post this. Finally, thanks to you! Keep Up Ai-Mo! Thanks 1Chill! {We will either create something new or find something else to replace the tribe section since we've gone through the whole archives, just give us time}