By Espark on Thu 11 Mar, 2021.

Ai-Mo Times

Hi, I am your host, 1ChillAnimator. My reporter friends, Druid, Espark, Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis, PeacefulPotato, CoolNotFoolGuy, ArcticFox, and myself are going to present you the newspaper for today, 29/06/2020.

Polytopia News:

Today we got a big announcement from Zoy. Pay close attention because this will be a very important contest. Those who want to participate need to know the rules and sign up properly.

Here is the announcement:

THE INFO: @everyone

We have a very special announcement! We're hosting the largest event we've held yet, the POLYTOPIA SUMMER SKIRMISH 2020 - a community-wide tournament for power, glory, and prizes!

We've opened up a brand new category of channels dedicated to this, and we encourage everyone to sign up! Please, head to #summer-skirmish-rules for more info on the rules and format, and head to to sign up! We look forward to seeing you there!

The sign up period will last until July 5th, and then we'll get this show on the road! THE RULES: 1. Games are 1v1v1, medium or large map, Might mode.

  1. Bardur, Luxidoor and Kickoo are not allowed to be chosen.

  2. Server restart rules will be used, which can be found at the bottom of this channel.

  3. If a player times out, always try to reload the game first! Then you should correspond with them in the Discord app and give them 3 hours to respond. After this time limit, you are free to kick them from the game.

  4. If a host fails to start a game within 48 hrs after the announcement, they become 3rd pick, and 2nd pick gets to host, please contact a moderator first.

  5. You will get a new game only after you report a win or loss, so if we do not hear from you, we will assume that you have resigned from the tournament.

  6. The Steam version can't be used for this tournament.

  7. Prizes from Midjiwan for the top 9 players! The Format(makes part in the rules):

  8. To win the tournament; climb up from Level 0 to Level 9. All players start at Level 0 (corresponds with 0 wins), and as soon as you win a game, you get promoted to Level 1. There you play others on Level 1 (corresponds to 1 win), and as soon as you win another game, you get promoted to Level 2, etc.

  9. First 9 to reach level 7 are the semi-finalists. As soon as 9 players have reached Level 7, the 3 semi-finals will be started. After this, no new games will be started, and no new players will be accepted. The ongoing games will be completed to determine the final ranking positions. The three winners of the semi-finals will play the final on Level 8.

  10. No elimination. Players can not be kicked out of the tournament. If you lose a game, you stay on the same level, and play your next game there. In this way, everybody keeps playing 3 games until 9 players reach level 7.

  11. All players play 3 games simultaneously. ​ Everybody starts with 3 games, and as soon as one of them finishes, or you resign, you can get a new game. Your next game is always on the level that you are currently on, which corresponds to the number of games you have won. For example, you could get a new game on Level 2, while one of your initial games on Level 0 is still in progress. Winning either of these games (or your other game) would move you up to Level 3.

  12. New game announcements. Whenever there is a new game, it will be announced, in tribe pick order, in #summer-skirmish-game-announcements. They can also be found in the Google Sheets spreadsheet ( - each level has its own sheet. Please do not register tournament games in the PolyElo bot as many players will be from other platforms and as such will not be registered.

  13. Tourney statistics. ​ All ongoing stats about the tourney are available in the Google sheet ( All players and their codes are in the player hub sheet. Every player's current tournament status (level, losses, etc.) is in the ranking sheet. The ongoing and completed matchups for each level are in the relevant level's sheet (level is equal to number of wins). The Instructions(also included to Rules):

  14. Registration You can fill in the signup form here ( Signups will remain open until we have our 9 semi-finalists, but games will begin after the first week of signups.

  15. Submitting results

    • Wins When you have won a game, please enter it in the below format in the #summer-skirmish-results channel: @Ramana vs @Karuin33 | Elyrion Dryad vs @Goochie / krillbillbeta @Karuin33 | Elyrion Dryad has won
    • Losses When you have lost a game (either got conquered or resigned), please enter it in the below format in the #summer-skirmish-results channel: @Ramana vs @Karuin33 | Elyrion Dryad vs @Goochie / krillbillbeta @Karuin33 | Elyrion Dryad is out In case you have not received a new game 24 hrs after submitting a result, please contact one of the tournament directors with @Director in the #summer-skirmish-discussion channel. Please note that every player in your game must submit the result, not just one.
  16. Friend codes To get someone's Polytopia friend code (so you can add them to a game), send the following message in #summer-skirmish-discussion: &code , eg &code Ramana.

  17. Getting help Please, feel free to ping an @Director for help at any time! The Restarts(included also): Games can be restarted if one of the players has a restartable spawn and requests a restart from the host by the end of turn 5. To restart, the game host would make a new game in Polytopia.

A restartable spawn is if you are effectively confined to only your starting capital city and cannot expand. Examples: A 1-city island, terrain that requires you to buy a tech to find your second city (ie. climbing), a peninsula where you cannot reach a second city without going through enemy terrain. (Thanks Zoy and Artemis)

So, from what we know, and what the Admins, and The Director(Artemis), will keep this contest, making the summer of Polytopia more attractive, and the most probably, more active, the mood is still a very good one, the members continue the normal, usual discussions.

Ai-Mo news

Today the community is in a great mood. The biggest news in Ai-Moya is the tournament, the same as on the main server. Having Artemis one of the Directors, he is now having a big role in the community. We are proud of Artemis for helping with the tournament and being a great role model for the community. From the bottom to the sky, he's advanced quickly. Overall, we are excited for the activity in the Main Server, but the mission continues, spreading peace, knowledge and serenity is the main idea.

Fan Made Tribe

Today’s archive is presents a tribe that is in development. The tribe was created by T Shadow and is named Morcher:

The Morcher are a tribe that many years ago were visited by a creature named Apaerch that gave them advanced knowledge. They started a cult of Apaerch, getting access to meditation. The creature came back and gave the cultists certain powers. However, they have to conquer the square in the name of the creature, forgetting about its potentially bad intentions. The tribe starts with meditation. Mind benders are substituted by the water-priests, which are the same unit but that can walk on water tiles. Also, they can’t mindbend. If the unit starts on a tile next to a boat or ship, it can destroy it for 5 stars. Their super unit is the Apaerch (the creature that they serve). Like a giant crab, it can go into water and ocean tiles. It also has the power of the water-priest, but can destroy battleships too, for the price of 15 stars. The tribe has many resources including fruit and fish. (Thanks T Shadow) - Thanks to everyone who reads this. Thanks to our editors: Druid, Espark and PeacefulPotato. Thanks to our reporters: Joxteoz, Hspark, CoolNotFoolGuy, Artemis and others. Thanks to ArcticFox for letting us use their website to post the Ai-Mo Times. Thanks to T Shadow for the work on the fan tribe idea. Thanks to the mods and admins for letting us post this. Thanks to 1chill, the author. Finally, thanks to you! Keep Up Ai-Mo!