By Espark on Thu 11 Mar, 2021.

Ai-Mo Times

Hi, I am your host, 1ChillAnimator. My reporter friends, Druid, Espark, Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis, PeacefulPotato, CoolNotFoolGuy, ArcticFox, and myself are going to present the newspaper for today, 03/07/2020.

Polytopia News:

Today, on The Main Polytopian Server, Karaoke drew over 20 listeners and 8 performers for over two and a half hours. Thanks to Espark, Goochie, Bat Queen, Pretz, Cartiken, Deleted User, PiStage, and Flork for performing fun music.

As for the summer skirmish tournament, after concerns about the rise in the number of participants, a few people were promoted to the role of Director. Now Espark and Artemis are both directors for the Summer Skirmish Contest. You have until July 6th to sign up for the tournament.

Ai-Mo News:

Today, our community had another member becoming a Director, and we are talking about Espark. After voicing some concerns about the tournament rules, Espark was made a Director. She and Artemis, along with several other directors, will help run the Summer Skirmish Contest.

Meanwhile, our members were active on the Main Server,helping new members, and joining multiplayer games. In summary, the mission continues, spreading peace, knowledge and serenity through Polytopia.

Fan Made Tribe

Today’s Archive will present Kaphelta, by Skookgasm: Centuries ago, an army of demons invaded the world of Polytopia. The people of the lands they conquered were sucked dry of their freedom and prosperity. Across the square, few had the bravery to oppose their might, those few were from the great Mesvanian Empire.

Though they fought valiantly, they were defeated in nearly every battle. As the weeks went on, the demons continued to force them into retreat. Morale diminished greatly, and the empire fractured.

Some, like those who would become Vengir, went to the wastelands from which they got their name. Others, like Bardur and Hoodrick, revolted in their colder lands with more forests after making a deal with the enemy that guaranteed them the ability to grill in peace.

Those who were left continued to suffer, until one fateful day, when a wizard came and told them of a land unknown to the demons or the rest of the square, a land in another world, an escape. He offered to take them there, in exchange for a permanent position of power. Hopeless and defeated, the once proud emperor took the wizard up on his offer.

Once they reached their destination, the wizard became the first leader of a cult of sages who would control nearly every aspect of Kapheltan life, from their taxes, to their education, to their alchemy industry. They ruled with an iron fist, until they were overthrown when it was discovered that the sages were demons, and that they were actually taken to the demonic home world.

Now, the Kapheltans have returned. Armed with demonic technology (gunpowder) and a renewed spirit, they come to conquer the square and liberate the people of Polytopia by replacing their demonic overlords with a more benevolent form of government. Kaphelta starts with a modified "free spirit" tech, that takes away the stars from disbanding units and replaces it with the ability to take a city in one turn, as opposed to the normal two turns, as long as the unit taking the city has done nothing that turn but move once to enter.

Flavor text:

The first tribe to rid themselves of their evil overlords, the Kapheltans return to the world of Polytopia with new technology to liberate its people from the demons who rule them.

Kaphelta starts with a modified "free spirit" tech, that allows troops to take a city in only one turn. (Thanks Skookgasm)

Thanks to everyone who reads this. Thanks to our editors: Druid, Espark and PeacefulPotato. Thanks to our reporters: Joxteoz, Hspark, CoolNotFoolGuy, Artemis and others. Thanks to ArcticFox for letting us use their website to post the Ai-Mo Times. Thanks to Skookgasm for the work on the fan tribe idea. Thanks to the mods and admins for letting us post this. Finally, thanks to you! Keep Up Ai-Mo!