By Espark on Thu 11 Mar, 2021.

Ai-Mo Times

Special Edition Aug 27, 2020

Tribe Leader Elections

This week, two new announcements about Tribe Leader Elections popped up.

1st Announcement: Hello @everyone ! The time has come to start the Tribe Leader elections again. Don’t forget that as a Tribe leader your job is to: - Encourage tribe activity - Help with server events - Communicate with the mod team about server changes or issues - Embrace your tribe's unique culture and members and more!

Our second election will start on Sunday, August 23th at 5PM UTC. This is a time where people wanting to put their hand up for Tribe Leader can message a Moderator or Admin to be entered into the ballot with the following information: - The tribe you are in, and running for. - Your discord name and tag. - Have photo evidence of being Level 10 on this server through MEE6.

The entrance period will last 3 days. On Wednesday, August 26th at 5PM UTC, you will be able to vote for the candidates of your tribe as long as you meet the following criteria: - To be in their respective tribe. - To be at least Level 5 on this server through MEE6.

The voting period will end on Saturday, August 29th at 5pm UTC. This is to allow the staff team to organise the results in time for September 1st.

The results will be posted on Tuesday, September 1st at 5pm UTC. After this, all new Tribe Leaders will be given the role and all old Tribe Leader will be removed from the role.

We'll be handing out the voting form and instructions on how to vote on the 26th. Make sure that you have the Notify role so you don't miss out on voting! Just type !notify, and it will be given to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Admin or Moderator.

Good luck, future Tribe Leaders! -Polytopia Staff Team 2nd Announcement: Hello, and welcome @Notify to the second stage of our Tribe Leader elections!

The time has come to close the entrance period. The period to run for Tribe Leader is now over, but now the voting period has begun and it’s time to do your part for your tribe and take to the polls!

From this point onwards you will not be able to enter the ballot to be a Tribe Leader. (The only exception will be if you already applied and don’t see your name on the ballot; in that case please contact a Admin/Mod to rectify any mistake.)

The voting period will continue until Saturday, August 29th at 5pm UTC. The results and final method for choosing Tribe Leader will be released on Tuesday, September 1st.

Voting form can be accessed here:

Good luck, and may the voting be in your favor!

Ai-Mo’s candidates are ArcticFox, Wither Beast, Pi, 1Chill, and Espark. Due to an error, Espark’s name was not included on the ballot, but you can still write in candidate’s names in the ‘other’ field.

We encourage every member of Ai-Mo to vote. If we get at least 20 tribe members to vote, we will get all five TL roles awarded. More votes means more TL’s.

Summer Skirmish Tournament

The Finals have started!

The three players in the skirmisher tournament finals are c0unse1,zorken, and QuasiStellar. Final matches will be played as three simultaneous games so that there is no advantage based on hosting position. If a player wins two or more games, they become the Champion. In case of a tie, the player who has come second in the most games wins. If that is also equal, we start the three games again, in reverse order.

Screenshots of the semi-finals are now visible to all. If you’re curious to see how the most skilled competitors play their Polytopia matches, please take a look to see how the finalists qualified.

Finally, the tournament directors are working on a survey so players can let them know what they would like to see in future tournaments.


Espark will karaoke on Saturday, Aug 29 at 3pm EST = 7 pm UTC. All are welcome to sing, play a musical instrument, or just listen.

Occasionally and without warning, Scribbl games will pop up in VC. Keep an eye out and join the fun if you see a game in action.

You have until the end of August to post a picture of a sandcastle for the Oumaji month contest. Sandcastle submissions can be posted in #sandcastle-submissions, and will be voted on August 30th.

The Oumaji moon gameplay challenge is called four corners. The challenge ends on Tuesday 3rd September at 9pm UTC. You can complete the challenge on Moonrise or mobile.


As always, I am your host, 1Chill. Editors include Espark and Druid.

Thank you for reading, contributing, and being nice.