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September 6th, 2020

====================================================== Today we packed together all the information gathered by our reporters: Espark, Druid, Memeats and ArcticFox. Once they finished their work, they published this beautiful newspaper at ArcticFox’s website. Unfortunately, 1Chill, the founder of the Ai-Mo Times, has left the Polytopia discord community.

Polytopia News

There were two big news items this week - new Tribe Leaders and new Mods/Admins.

Current tribe leaders

Initially Espark was elected as Ai-Mo TL, FrontDoor Matt was elected as Zebasi TL, and Tama was elected Aquarion TL. However, less than two days after the election results were announced, those three tribes had their initial TL replaced by the second place vote getter. Espark declined the TL role while FrontDoor Matt and Tama were promoted to Mod. The Oumaji results had a tie so there will be an Oumaji TL run off election, at a date to be determined.

The changes to the administrative staff include two new Mods and five new Admins.



Ai-Mo News

Because our tribe did not get the four Tribe Leader roles we were expecting, we decided to give the role of "Prior" to the members who we'd expected to become TLs. Please help welcome WitherBeast and Artic Fox as our latest Ai-Mo Priors. They are still leaders to us.

But don't forget that Pikappa is our official leader.

On a grimmer note, we talk about the raid on the Quetzali server. The raid was planned and partially done in the name of Ai-Mo. We want to say that we had no relation to the raid and us leaders had no idea about it until the owner of Quetzaliland tipped us off.

The 3 perpetrators and their related alts, PeacefulPotato (aka Neutralist), ChexxMixx, and Annoyance, have been caught and punished.

Interview with Night

Espark: Hi Night. Thanks for agreeing to do the interview with me for the Ai-Mo Times. First question. How did you first hear about Polytopia?

Night:I first heard about Polytopia in 2018 when one of my friends introduced it to me.

E: What were your first impressions of the game?

N: At first I was a bit skeptical about it all, as strategy wasn’t what I usually played, but once I got into it, it was really fun.

E: You’re in the Imperius tribe on the server and use it as your pfp. Would you call yourself an organized person?

N: I guess so. I’m not organised extremely well but I do it well enough to have everything down and done when it needs to be.

E: Would you call yourself a procrastinator then?

N: 100%

E: Nice. What is the inspiration for your discord name - Night ?

N: This one goes a long way back.

E: I want to hear it all.

N: Back to maybe 2015 or so, I started playing Clash of Clans with a few friends, but I could never think of a good name. Until something came to me. One of my middle names is Lucien and I was very into medieval things. My first idea was SirLucien but that had already been taken so I tried SirLucienIII. That was my name for ages, at least 3 years. It wasn’t until I watched ready player one and found the name parzival that I changed. It became ParzivalsKnight for a few games that I had started playing.

E: I loved the book, Ready Player One (I loved the D&D part). What about the character of Parzival appealed to you?

N: I guess just being the main character and having a whole bunch of cool things happen to him was appealing. I really liked the idea of the virtual worlds and I guess it just stuck with me.

E: Great. Okay, next question. Are you in a competitive league like PolyChamps?

N: I am not E: Does living in Australia impact how you interact with the server or the Polytopia community? For example timezone or other issues?

N: It does, yes. It means there aren’t as many people online and I don’t get to see certain people that others might.

E: Can you tell me more about that?

N: There have been quite a few people that I have only met recently because of events that have happened that let me stay up later than usual and interact with them. Because I am in Australia nearly all people in other timezones are not online when I am.

E: Okay I have a couple more questions. What's the best part of being a mod and what is the most challenging?

N: Best part of being a mod is definitely being able to help the community and organise events. Most challenging is probably the same and also trying communicate with members of the community with these things.

E: You mentioned Clash of Clans. What are your favorite games (besides Polytopia)?

N: Clash of Clans was definitely something that was important to me back in the day. Now, I am big on Rocket League, with over 750 hours. I play other games such as CSGO and No Mans Sky when I want something new.

E: I remember you have a hereditary heart condition called a cardiomyopathy. You had a heart attack only a few months ago and fortunately got through it because of your implanted defibrillator. Did that experience change your outlook on life or your future goals?

N: Yeah, I have a cardiomyopathy that has affected me in a few ways. I have died twice over the past 3 or so years and it has changed things in my life in both physical and mental ways. I am no longer able to participate in activities like contact sports and running. Mentally, it has been quite challenging. It has changed how I see life as it is quite short and it lets me see life in a different way. Future goals are mainly the same, as my condition shouldn't impact how long i live for

This Week At r/Polytopia

By ArcticFox:

From this week we'll have a new part one the newspaper: This Week At r/Polytopia At this section ArcticFox gathers the good tactical guides, memes and posts that deserves to be in this section

Post 1: Does Kickoo always get a good spawn?

This post proves that even kickoo might always not get a good spawn. So no tribe is perfect If you really want to be good at this game try to learn as much as possible about the weak and the strong qualities about the tribes Knowlegde about the tribes will help you make better decisions and get a good score even with a bad spawn

Read The Full Post Here: reddit r/Polytopia - Domination with crazy bots, this poor kickoo tribe go... 9 votes and 4 comments so far on Reddit Post 2: A Hidden Easter Egg

This Easter Egg is not well known as the other easter eggs such as 'The Nature Bunny', 'The Sunrise' and 'The Mixed Tribes'

It only occurs when you try to add yourself as a friend at the multiplayer menu

Read The Full Post Here:

reddit r/Polytopia - Nice Easter egg 985 votes and 17 comments so far on Reddit

Summer Skirmish News

By Espark:

The tournament finals between c0unse1, zorken, and quasar are progressing slowly. There are three final matches, each hosted by a different player. All three finalists are recording screen shots of the game, often with commentary and turn-by-turn analysis. Once the finals are over, the directors will release these screenshots and commentary for public viewing.

Although there was frustration about the pacing with the games and some other unforeseen technical problems, overall the Summer Skirmish tournament has been a success.

"I think the skirmish attracted a few valuable community members, and I'm proud of that" - Goochie, Mod and Head Tournament Director

The tournament brought in a spike of new members and new activity. From June 28, the day the tournament was announced, until Aug 7, the day enrollment closed, 2,400 new members joined the server. This means that the Polytopoia discord server saw a 10% increase in members during the six week tournament period. Data from Statbot. Most players were satisfied or very satisfied with the tournament, based on the tournament feedback survey form.

"The only reason I discovered this discord server was because of the skirmish. If it weren't for the skirmish I literally would not be playing polytopia rn. Thanks Polyotopia discord server." - Zebasian Writer || TL Candidate

The directors are already thinking about the next tournament. Some ideas suggested for future tournaments include time zone brackets, using the Elo bot to record wins/losses, faster turns, and mirror matches (ie Bardur vs Bardur).


If anyone is interesting in contributing to future editions of the Ai-Mo times, please contact one of the editors.

As always, thanks to everyone who helped make this newspaper possible. Keep up Ai-Mo!