By Espark on Fri 12 Mar, 2021.

Server bots explained

The main Polytopia server uses a few different bots to help automate and maintain the server. Members can use the bots to learn things about specific members and server statistics. The bots can also be used for multiplayer matchmaking or other fun stuff. Below we review each of the bots and some of the most common uses for each. Not all of the commands available for each bot work. Some, such as ?define for Dyno, have been disabled, while other commands are restricted to certain roles.

PolyStats, aka Statbot

Used to keep track of member and channel activity. List of commands or type ?help Prefix: s?

Examples s?listroles - To see a list of all the server roles s?stats user (user), for example s?stats user WitherBeast - to see all of a member’s overview including number of messages, most active channel, and date joined s?stats top - Top users and channels s?stats channel (channel-name), ie s?stats channe Ai-mo-monastery - message stats and graph of activity level over time for channel #ai-mo-monastery

Midjibot, aka Dyno

List of Dyno commands Prefix: ?

Dyno can give different information about a member’s information, make polls, bring up animal photos, and give information about roles.

Examples ?whois (user) -for example ?whois WitherBeast - displays the user’s roles and and joined date ?av (user) - for ?av WitherBeast - shows an enlarged copy of the users profile picture ?listmembers (role) - for example ?listmembers Ai-mo - displays all the members with that role who are online ?serverinfo - shows the owner, region, number of channels, and number of members ?poll - start a poll with up to four answers for members to vote on. For example, ?poll What is your favorite animal? “Dog” “Cat” “Fish” “Human” ?dadjoke - displays a pun or joke ?cat - brings up a random picture of a cat

Polyfriend, aka Mee6

Used to assign tribe roles, notify, and track a user’s server rank. Prefix: !

Examples !notify - gives you the notify role so staff can ping you for certain annoucements !rank (optional name) - shows the rank of a user based on XP/activity level. Users gain 15-25 XP per message per minute !levels - generates a link to the server’s rank leaderboard !(tribe-name), for example !Ai-Mo - Give the role for that tribe and access to that tribe’s chat channel

PolyELO Bot

Used for game matchmaking Prefix: $

$help [command] for more info on a command. $guide for a general bot overview.

Examples $games ​ – ​ List joinable open games $join ​ – ​ Join an open game $incomplete ​ – ​ List incomplete games for you or other players - also $complete $code - provides the in-game name and player ID for the user if they are registered with the bot $setcode - Sets your own Polytopia code. Also use $steamname for Steam code

PolyBeats, aka Rythm bot

Used to play music or other audio in certain voice chat channels List of commands

Prefix: -

Examples -join - Summons the bot to your voice channel. -search - Searches YouTube for the song -skip - Skips the currently playing song

PolyCalculator Bot

Used to predict outcomes for attacks in the game Type .help for list of commands

Prefix: .

Examples .calc: calculate the outcome of a fight in the most simple format. For example, .c wa, ri .units: show the list of unit codes .optim: returns the best order to use multiple attackers to kill one unit according to these priorities

The Polytopia Summer Skirmish Bot

Used to administer the Summer Skirmish Tournament Type &help for list of commands Prefix: &

Examples &in-progress 1 (username optional) - shows the number of games in progress at level1 for that particular user. Also &ip 1 as an alias. &code (username), for example &code WitherBeast - displays the user’s game ID &loss UA - records a lost game for that user for game UA &leaderboard - View the leaderboard


This bot gives examples of cities, game names, and other in-game text used in Polytopia. This bot is limited to bot channels and #∑∫ỹriȱŋ

Prefix ;

Examples ;city [tribe] [number=1] Get a city name. ;game [crazy=False] [number=1] Get a game name. ;letters [tribe] Get an alphabet. ;elyrion Translate to Elyrion. ;english Translate from Elyrion.