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“The only literate tribe deserves the best in information and entertainment” November, 22, 2020

Today we packed together all the information gathered by our reporters: Espark, Druid, Dust, 1Chill and ArcticFox. After gathering the information and finishing writing they put the text into the hands of our editors. Once they finished their work, they published this beautiful newspaper at ArcticFox’s website.

Polytopia News:

PolyCraft is the Semi-Official Minecraft server of Polytopia. It is only semi-official because it is sponsored and paid for by Mijdiwan. There, members of the Polytopia community can explore the PolyCraft world, talk, build, and more. You can also join a tribe and every tribe has a capital with special shops. There is an in-game currency called Zoybux which you can use to buy and sell with tribe capital merchants. Currently there is a building contest. Each tribe gets a 100x100 square to build something representing their tribe. The winning tribe will get a trophy and points towards a new system coming soon.

Of course, like on every server, wars occur. First there was a civil war within Kickoo leading to North Kickoo and South Kickoo. This was followed by a new area being created by a mod called New Kickoo. Later, there was an organized battle between Vengir and Elyrion. At first, Vengir was outnumbered as people from different tribes joined Vengir's side. It seemed that Elyrion lost, even though Vengir players were respawning continuously.

Moonrise on Mobile As Zoythrus announced, the Moonrise version of Polytopia will come to mobile on the 23rd of November.

Here is the announcement: Pssst... The Moonrise version will be available for mobile devices on Monday, November 23rd at 11.a.m CET, (Central European Time). It will have all the cool features from Steam Moonrise Version! We suggest you complete any important multiplayer games you have going by then because this is a major update.

Link: (Zoythrus) So stay tuned for the update, it will come very soon, and will bring a lot of new features

ELO reset Today, November 22nd, Nelluk announced that the ELO system would be reset on December 1st, because the Moonrise mobile release will change a lot of things. For example, game resetting won’t work anymore and hacking Elo should be prevented. Many have requested these anti-cheating measures. Also, it has been two years since Elo was last reset and many players want a fresh start.

Here is the announcement:

@ELO Player @ELO Veteran @ELO Hero @ELO Elite With Moonrise release tomorrow (approximately 24 hours from this announcement) here is how Discord multiplayer via @PolyELO Bot will be affected: - Please upgrade to Moonrise ASAP and refrain from making any kicks from ranked games until at least 48 hours from this announcement. Some games may not migrate successfully. Use $staffhelp if you have any questions on kicking during the transition period. - Friend codes are disappearing. You will now need to have your in-game name set with $setname to join a game. To join a game with someone you must add them as a friend in the app. - ELO will be reset on December 1st. With the gameplay differences, reduced loopholes for cheating, and it being more than two years since ELO launch, it seems like a good time for a reset. - Games that start after December 1st will impact the new ELO number - Games that are ongoing or start before December 1st will continue to impact the original ELO number - The original ELO number will be saved for posterity and included in your $player card

Ai-Mo News - By Druid:

Week of Revival Last weekend two of our members who left in the past, 1Chill and ArcticFox, returned. Those who were a part of the newspaper team are back working with us and we are working to deliver you our weekly newspaper once again. In their honor, we decided last weekend would be known as 'Weekend of Revival' and organized an art contest to celebrate. One submission has been made so far and there is time until the deadline and we expect about 5 to be made.

Ai-Mo Gaming is Back! Ai-Mo gaming had been a channel dedicated to Polytopia but it had disappeared. After a long silence, this week Ai-Mo gaming has returned! Reportedly, had deactivated his account instead of deleting it and he reopened it today. Ai-Mo gaming has started to gain subscribers again and at the moment he has 1.57K followers. He made a video to explain why did he go, and a voice reveal as a apology, here you can watch it: He also announced that he will make a video or two every week and this week's video is already out. Ai-Mo gaming started using a new editor so there are a couple of technical problems but other than that the video is great! You can watch it here:

If you want to subscribe or watch his other videos, here is the link to the channel:

This week at r/Polytopia - By ArcticFox:

Polytopia Fantasy An ambitious redditor made this great series of photos. There is a fantasy version of Xin-xi and we expect more for the other tribes soon. You can see the first image here and for the others, you can visit the website. Maybe even award the creator with an upvote if you have a reddit account and like their work.

Read the full post at:

Polytopia themed school meme:

Read the full post here:

Polytopian Cities This is so true and a great work of art

Read the full post here:

New Strategy A fellow redditor has found developed a catapult and spritialism strategy, here we can see it works well at the photo below, more information about the strategy can be found in the comments

Read the full post here:

A poor city This is a 2 tile city, it's only use will be to increase tech prices as it cant be upgraded, it can only get upgraded to level 2, via a trade connection and the fish.

Read the full post here:

Among Us! An ambitious redditor has made among us crewmates (or impostors, who knows), which represents the tribes in Polytopia, and I think it deserves to be mentioned here:

Read the full post here:

Interview with Cyto - By 1Chill:

This week we interviewed Cy-Mo(Cytosine), one of our active Ai-Mo comrades. He is a very good Polytopia Player, being in PolyChamps:

In what year did you join the Polytopian Community?

Cytosine: Early to mid 2019. My cousin was the first person to show me the game, in the middle of an Economics lesson. However, it was my girlfriend who sparked my interest in the game, and I paid for my first tribe and joined the Polytopia Discord in June 2019

1ChillAnimator: Ok, thanks What tribe did you join first?

Cytosine: Ai-Mo! To be honest, I originally wanted to join Bardur (I played Bardur before I discovered the community and had online multiplayer), but Ai-Mo just felt more natural to me, and I really love their aesthetic and design

1ChillAnimator: What tribe do you recommend for new players?

Cytosine: For those who aren't willing to pay for a tribe, Imperius and Bardur are easily the most beginner-friendly and easy to learn with, due to the larger amounts of options they have compared to Xin-Xi or Oumaji. In the context of paid tribes only, I would recommend Zebasi. They aren't too much different from Bardur, aside from the extra star spent on turn 0. I would say Kickoo or Luxidoor, but they have their own unique traits that I feel need a really good grasp of fundamental knowledge before trying to pick them up, such as Kickoo's weird water spawns and Luxidoor's upgraded capital (but no starting tech)

1ChillAnimator: Are you in PolyChamps?

Cytosine: Yes I am! Alongside my younger brother too.

1ChillAnimator: What was the hardest Polytopia match against a real person you ever played?

Cytosine: Probably either my very first match or against 8bitgiant. I believe the former was against PewQ, and it was my freshly bought Ai-Mo versus their pre-nerf Polaris... needless to say, I was slaughtered. However, the latter was a 60-turn 1v1 against 8bit's Luxidoor with my Ai-Mo, the game name aptly called "Epic Struggle." It stands to be my favorite game I've ever played and I'm proud to have won that match

1ChillAnimator: What is the best Ai-Mo strategy?

Cytosine: Personally, I have found the best results by playing Ai-Mo and an expansionist, at least in 1v1's. I often go looking for cities over ruins before T5, because you'll get steamrolled if you let yourself get distracted by most other objectives. Since you're just about guaranteed a free monument on T5, you can use that to get a free 5 stars from leveling up a city to level 3, alongside only buying the techs that your resources permit (other tribes will have to get a Giant before they nab their first monument, so your Altar is Bardur's PoF, for example. Economy is often a big issue when playing Ai-Mo, so save your stars for the techs you truly need, and you can buy Org later, when you have the extra stars. As you buy techs, don't forget to at least level up your cities to level 3.

When it comes to the techs you DO want, again, that depends on the resources. Most often, it will be Hunting/Forestry, but rarely will you ever want to branch into Mining and potentially Smithery, either to supplement your current population, or to take advantage of some sweet forge spots you just so happened to be able to reach (thank you extra mountain rate). Only go down the Navigation branch if you KNOW it will primarily be a naval battle. Again, you don't want to waste precious resources on techs you'll find useless in certain scenarios. Once you have a few cities and the techs you need, it's all up to quickly building giants from your front cities and supporting units behind. With your Park of Fortune, you'll have TWO monuments while your opponent has one, assuming you two haven't met yet. Just like the Altar, use your Park to try and nab a free 5 stars if you can, and use the extra stars to pump out more giants as well as SPT. With Math, catapults are a great supplement to giants, as long as they stay protected from enemy fire and especially Knights. Swordsmen can help fill in the gaps that Giants can't if you have the SPT and Smithery, but Defenders also work in a pinch. Some people try to validate Mind Benders, but unless I get Philosophy from a ruin, I never touch the tech until I get my economy rolling, so I don't cripple myself before I get a chance to build an economy. I personally don't agree with T1 Philosophy for the aforementioned reasons.

Tl;dr: find cities quickly, use your monuments to generate stars, not giants, and only buy techs you will absolutely use as quickly as possible, only leveling up your cities to level 3 to strengthen your SPT. Once you have a decent sized chunk of territory (with a few Warriors to explore, and Riders if need be), begin spamming giants and building the bulk of your army (whether that be Catapults on land or Defenders in boats). Ai-Mo still requires a bit of isolation to succeed, so pray that your opponent(s) have all spawned decently far away, and you should be able to form a formidable attacking force within a few turns, about 4-5 on average. Don't be surprised if your opponent bursts in while you're building, just keep them at bay while you build your wall to push into them. Without as many options as lots of other tribes, though, most battles will be uphill battles, but most of them are not impossible, they just require a larger amount of strategizing due to the likely disadvantage Ai-Mo will be in. If you don't have all of the fundamentals mastered, consider practicing with simpler tribes before picking up this one, it's vastly different compared to even other non-T0's, like Hoodrick and Quetzali.

11/11/2020 1ChillAnimator: What are your future plans for this community? Cytosine: When it comes to the community itself, I want to do more than just be a part of it. I want to help it grow, and shine over the rest, and as I step back into the Ai-Moyan community, as well as the Polytopian community as a whole, I'm here for my fellow community members, young and old, big and small. I plan on staying in the community for a very long time, but I don't just plan on enjoying it myself, but enjoying it with others, and helping create the diverse Polytopian family we all are a part of, every single day. Also it's just a very fun game; why not enjoy it with others too? 1ChillAnimator: Would you like to become an admin or moderator? Cytosine: I've always thought about it, but I've never really been able to answer that question myself. Sure, being an admin/moderator would be really cool, but that "really cool" has a lot of responsibility that I'm unsure if I'm ready for or not. Maybe that question will be answered in the future, but for now, we'll just have to wait and let time tell the tale. Incredible THANKS to Cytosine, for accepting my request to interview, and provided us with content!!!

As always, thanks to everyone who helped make this newspaper possible. Keep up Ai-Mo!