By Espark on Mon 08 Mar, 2021.

Ai - Mo News

May, 5, 2020

Hi, I am your host 1Chill and today my friends, DRUID, Joxteoz, Hspark and myself are going to present you the newspaper for today, 14/5/2020.

Polytopia News:

Tomorrow, the winners of the luxidoor-house-competition will be chosen,there is only one day left, and everyone is hyped, there was not only art, but also Minecraft architecture. The server is doing great, Tama is the first place on the MEE6 leaderboard. People are talking about the contest,and a rare moment of the #general having no messages. {Suspiciously after Newt and myself, druid, were talking about the server slowing down} There are also a lot of memes coming in to bring a smile or maybe a laugh. Everyone is ok, good and happy.

Ai - Mo News:

Tomorrow the winners of the art contest will be chosen,so let’s choose the art posted by our leader, espark, tomorrow, vote the art made by espark {Only if you think it is good} .Also, vote the art made by Autumn, is great and effort was put in was more simple, vote the art made by the Ai-Mo Members or vote whatever you like. As usual, the tribe is doing well. We are spreading happiness and serenity through the server, as always.

However some unrest of anxiously paranoid members has created another Ai-Mo server due to the decision to not make an alliance with Xin-Xi, these members created the new server in fear that Ai-Moya has been breached since members in other tribes have joined. However I believe there is no reason to worry.


Luxidoor Giant


Help the newspaper and become a “reporter”, if you have info about the server, dm me or DRUID for that. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who reads this,thanks to DRUID for editing,thanks to Joxteoz, Hspark, Midjiknight and others for helping, thanks to espark for supporting, thanks to Autumn for the art, and thank to YOU. And we Must continue the trend of thanking 1chill for his insane amounts of work on this amazing project.