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May 16th, 2021

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Polytopia News

Bullet Tournament Finals

On May 12th, the main server hosted the final round of the Bullet tournament - Koric vs HelloIamBush. Each player had two minutes to complete a turn and had to stream their game live. At one point, over 26 members were in VC watching the event.

Hoodrick was the first mirror match. Koric was clean with his combat using riders and road effectively. As Front DoorMatt said, “Koric stream from potato. Bush die when Koric go boom boom rider roads.”

In the second match, a Bardur mirror, Koric started with an amazing spawn, lots of animals and forests around his capital. Then Bush sent a warrior in a direction where there was no village. Bush went for riders and a ruin while Koric got more warriors and two giants by turn 6. From his spawns and early giants, most spectators assumed Koric would win. Then, on turn 9 it looked like Koric would hold a siege, but Bush got stars from a ruin and was able to pop a giant to hold his city. By turn ten, it looked like Bush had gained ground and might actually win with three giants and four cities while Koric only had three cities. On turn 11, Bush blew ten stars on roads. As Bush said, “I am an idiot who cannot count.” But Bush was still in the game. On turn 13 Bush got a giant from a mountain ruin and 2 turns later had lost momentum with capital pressure. Koric got a knight on turn 17 and plowed through several units to siege one of Bush’s rear cities. As Jr Wolf said, “Bush had a lot of nice plays, but Koric is flawless.”

There were a couple moments during the second match when it looked like Bush could have kicked Koric for going over his time limit, but either Bush was a good sport or didn't notice the time. Regarding not kicking Koric on going over time, Bush said, “I did not want to win on time. I'd rather enjoy the game while I can. Also winning grand finals over a time would just be un-entertaining. Fighting people like Koric is not something one can do whenever they please.”

On his win, Koric said, “It's easier to watch than to do it live, especially from a potato. Long live chopping nerf, making imbalanced spawns great again.”

New Mod appointed/ Old Mod returns

On May 13th, Quissberry was given the mod role in the main server. Quissberry said that, although he had applied to be a mod in March when the application was announced, had not been ready to take the role at the time and didn’t expect to get the position. Now he said he is ready to take on the role.

On May 10th, a former admin, Night, returned to the main server. He had resigned and quit the server the month before on April 2nd. Also, on May 14th, he asked for and received the veteran role. Although not a full admin, the veteran role gives access to mod and admin channels/chats.

Wheel of Time Interpretations

On May 14th, several members began speculating on the meaning behind the symbols on the inside the Stone of Time.

Below are some of the fan interpretations:

Zebasi is secretly Yadakk's evil twin

Quetzali have lightning powers

Ai-mo is dead

Imperius invented the wheel / Imperius likes fried eggs

Vengir likes buttered toast

Hoodrick's walk on stilts/ Hoodrick uses chopsticks Also, Yadakk confirmed as hazard

Luxidoor has infinite wealth

Bardur love bowling

Xin-Xi like weightlifting

Imperius likes to shop at a particular department store

Although the special tribes do not have tribe moons, perhaps one day the special tribe weeks will be added to the Stone of Time.

Ai-Mo News:

Ai-Mo is excited to have 1Chill, the original creator of the Ai-Mo Times, back in the tribe and on the newspaper staff. He and another reporter, Tintin, are hoping to write a Polytopia themed comic strip. They made this google form to help them decide what to do with this idea. Please take a minute to answer their questionnaire. The link:

Also, Ai-mo had an admin promoted and demoted within a day. Lemmon joined the Ai-Mo tribe and the server on May 9th and immediately was promoted to admin by Skreadler. Then, a day later, the admin role was removed by Rit.

Lemmon said, “I'm the fastest promotion and fastest demotion ever. Speedrun complete.”

Lemmon left the Ai-Moya server on May 11th.

Fan Art

Doomux riding a giant crabs head by Definitely Not a Simp

“Vengir are sad and lonely. They use an app called "Vinder" to find mates.” Counterlore by Espark. Art by Krab King

Fan made tribe:

Today’s FMT is Poartia. Script and lore by 1Chill and art by THomez.

The Poartians:

Coming from one of the most dark squares, they evolved so much that their technologies are thousands of years more evolved than all of the other tribes’ techs and managed to travel using teleportation between squares. After destroying the civilizations in their home square, they terraformed those squares for their need. Now, they came into our Square, prepared to destroy everything, but will they manage to do this?

The Poartian Tech Tree:

Aquatism -> Water Factory WATER FACTORY: Those work as same as the temples, in change, when there is a Naval Unit on them, that Unit gets a Health Upgrade of 3HP, there can be only 2 Per City, one Water Factory costs 10 Stars to build Forestry -> Bioforming BIOFORMING: Bioforming gives the ability to create Tiles With Fruits, on the cost of 3 Stars, The Fruits made using Bioforming can be Harvested

Mathematics will now give the ability of training another unit, different from the Catapult that will no longer be trainable. The new unit, will be, Terra Mech which will have: 12 HP 6 Damage when Attacking 5 Damage when Attacked and Hitting Back The Range of the Attack is of 2 Tiles It has the same movement as a warrior The Attack: The Mech, which is a Steam Based Bio-Machine, is attacking using a JET of Boiled Water.

Chivalry -> Industry INDUSTRY: This gives to the player the ability of creating Factories, that can be switched on: Economy Mode and Attack Mode In the Economy Mode, the Factory is giving a number of stars per turn, based on the forges around it, a forge is used to upgrade it. In the Attack Mode, the Factory can boost an Unit for 3 Turns, giving that specific Unit, a boost of 2 HP and 1 DAMAGE, the Factory can boost only 1 Unit per Turn And There can be only 1 Factory Per City.

In rest, the tech tree is the same

The Poartian Terrain Generation:

--Animal ++Fruits ++Mountains

Poartian Special Unit:

The Tripod, this is a combination of all of their techs, they have 3 stages of evolving 1st Stage: 20 HP 5 Damage 5 Damage when Attacked and Hitting Back Movement 2 It also has the ability of Taking Any Enemy Unit in a range on 2 Tiles, and place it in any other tile in a range of 2 Tiles(Can take only 1 Unit per Turn). Can take an Unit, and also attacks after this

2nd Stage: 25 HP 5 Damage 6 Damage when Attacked and Hitting Back It now has the ability of taking any Friendly Unit in a range of 2 tiles and place it on any other tile in a range of 2 tiles. If it take a friendly unit, and place it on other tile ,the Tripod can't steal any other enemy units, but can still attack, same if the Tripod steals an Enemy Unit, the Tripod will have the power of attacking, but will can't take and move any friendly unit (The Second Stage is made after 2 Turns from the First stage) 9 august 2020

3rd Stage: 30 HP 7 Damage 7 Damage when Attacked and Hitting Back It now has the ability to destroy the roads of any other enemy tribe, can break only 2 roads per turn (The Third Stage is made after 2 Turns from the Second Stage)

The Terra Mech:

Fruit: Light Herbs, they have a taste that is sweet and also sour, looking like Pomelo, but colored into a Red that is glowing Forests: Made out of tall Birch Trees, that have the trunch colored Red, and the leaves a very, very light green Animals:Pengogs, that are little animals that look like pigs. Mountains: Covered with water on the bottom, and extremely Tall, being Snow Capped from part to part

Poartian Warrior:

The Poartian Terrain:

Incredible thanks coming from 1Chill to THomez, who made all this incredible art, and made my tribe look good.

Mute ban column

Disclaimer: Many mute and ban commands are executed on admin only channels. Some fields below will show ‘unavailable’ because the commands were not performed in public channels. In some cases, the data can be inferred from context and will be placed in parenthesis.

Date Staff Perpetrator Punishment Duration Reason
May 9 Paxu Quester tempmute 4 hours repeat seizure gif posting
May 12 Paxu darealjeff4 tempmute 4 hours excessive toxicity
May 13 Cathy DreamsX tempmute 4 hours Yew is a common name...


Thanks to all our contributors - Espark, Dust, Druid, 1Chill, Tintin and Tntmasta. A big thanks to Artemis for setting up a new website for the newspaper. Also, thanks to our faithful readers for encouraging the paper to continue.

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