By Espark on Sun 30 May, 2021.

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May 30th, 2021

“The only literate tribe deserves the best in information and entertainment.”

Polytopia News

Quetzali Activity Skyrockets

The Quetzali tribe hit new activity heights on May 24th. Ankizle alone had over 1600 messages, while the combined message in the #quetzali-temple was over 3500.

Graph showing over 1660 messages by Ankizle on May 24th

About the explosion of activity in the Quetzali chat on May 24th, Ankizle said, “We had a few conversations and stuff. We also had some randomness. In one word: “insanity.”

Prancing Pony said, “I don't even know why or how it happened... there were just so many messages.”

Graph showing over 3600 messages in the Quetali temple on May 24th

Over 15 Quetzali members participated in the message marathon on May 24th including: Ankizle, Quissberry, Bixilopoxtli, Quester_n, The comedic idiot, PrancingPony, DisturbedOrbi, fumzy foxtrot, DugongOfUltimatePower, ExtremeFrog, RedPanda, mokia, Pixel, mummiedanse, Ciru Bug, Draggy785, and Vorce.

PolyCraft Luxidoor Emperor Boss challenge

In honor of the Luxidoor tribe moon, a new PolyCraft mob challenge was created. Players can enter a separate instance to fight Luxidoor troops and even the evil Luxidoor Emperor. During this event players can battle Luxidoorian citizens, gaining drops that can be exchanged for various items.

During the battle the Emperor taunts the player with messages like, “You can’t afford a meeting with me! You shall pay with your life,” “You will never be as rich as me,” “Pay your taxes,” and “Heh. Poor people.” Finally, when the Emperor is defeated, he laments, “Noo.. My… Emeralds…”

If a player beats the Emperor solo, without any teammates, they get an item which they can place in a chest in exchange for a special reward.

While the Luxidoor event was made by PolyCraft mods, the leaderboard is run 100% by players, mostly by Tanya the Evil. The mods agreed to give a special item for a "grand prize", but other than that, they have no relation to the leaderboard.

A major flaw in the Emperor boss fight is that when players put the wrong item in the emperor’s chest, it will disappear forever. Mochi, one of the mods, fixed the glitch and Plesiosaur offered to compensate anyone who lost valuable gear.

You can see an example of AceofEvil (aka Aspark) battles the Evil Luxidoor Emperor

New 1st place speed run by in under 15 seconds by ProjectOogaBooga The Luxidoor Tribe Moon Event ends at the end of May. # Ai-Mo News: ## PolyPride in June Starting June 1, Ai-moya will celebrate Polytopia Pride. Pride Month is celebrated around the world every June to support and celebrate LGBTQ+ people. We want to Ai-Mo wave some rainbow flags, douse ourselves in glitter, stand up for equality, and join in the fun. ![rainbow square border with two Polytopia heads inside looking at each other and a speech bubble with a heart inside ]( We have two contests planned. First, is an art contest which will be judged by a panel of fabulous Polytopia community celebrities. Second is a short story contest. We want to see art and stories that feature LGBTQ+ characters or themes. The winner of each contest will get a one month nitro prize. There may be some other queer surprises in Ai-moya in June, so keep your eyes, minds, and hearts open. ## Skrealder leaves Ai-Moya After deliberation with the other priors, Skrealder decided to transfer ownership to Espark. He left Ai-Moya to focus more on college. He has been a treasured member of the community for years and as such we bid him a wondrous goodbye. And thus the numbers dropped again; A monk walked the trail onward and left his mountain perch behind. He is great for his being and much of his doing but the greatest value is given by his leaving- appreciation at its finest work. He shall be remembered in our halls beyond even the last thought upon a dream of the last who knew him. Might our paths cross again for a kindred man he was. Might we not forget Skrealder if he so chooses to not heed our offer and return to Ai-mo. # Fanfic - The Story of Anonymous Dinosaur By Espark, Callmesusanifyoulike, and Beauxtron One day there was a young dinosaur who didn't want everyone to know he was really a hippo. He really liked eating spicy peppers as a hippo, but didn't want anyone to know. Hippos were not allowed to eat spicy food. Not wasabi. Not ginger. Not even garlic. But this hippo developed a nasty wasabi snorting habit. Hippos were not allowed the spicy stuff, but dinosaurs were. So Hippo put on a disguise, pretended he was a real dinosaur, so he could eat all the spicy peppers he wanted. He was very good at disguises. But it ruined his life. Eventually, he lost everything for that wasabi. What happened next? Well, after he got addicted to snorting wasabi, he had to go to the hospital. For obvious reasons. Still, he needed stronger peppers to get his kick, forever chasing his first taste of hot spice. Eventually, he got really good at creating new recipes with spicy food. Jalapenos burgers. Jalapenos mac and cheese. Jalapeno brownies. So all the people who loved spicy food made him their king, but they still thought he was a dinosaur. He never told them he was really a hippo, master of disguises, and forbidden to eat spicy food. What they didn’t realize was that when hippos eat spicy peppers, the stench is unbearable (Hence the whole being forbidden thing). Hippo, being a hippo, spent most of his time in the water, hiding his smelly evidence at the bottom of the river. But eventually the crawfish at the bottom of the river complained They told the wardens How did those crawfish smell the stench of the hot peppers on him? Well. They swam in his dung Then, the game wardens became upset, they entered the hippo’s lair. Only to be eaten by hippo You see, the hippo could eat other people and assume their identities. In fact he claimed to have eaten 11 poor souls. Legend has it (pun intended) that hippo is,still out there, among us, an imposter, spying on our every move Lurking in the fog. And if the reaper madness ever reaches a frenzy, he will reappear Even today there are whispers. Is hippo the lost messiah of the reapers or their doom? Many have faith that hippo will return, stronger than before, to carry those who love spicy food to their apocalypse. The pepperapture. # FMT The **Multarius** are a tribe that was trapped into the volcanic terrain of their present home, where they learned the skills and developed the abilities necessary to survive. With the power of Golems and Volcanoes in their grasp, they are now free to spread into the outside world to expand their civilization. Golem - Super Unit, 20 hp, 5 attack, deals 15 damage (which ignores defense bonuses) to surrounding units upon death and inflicts the burn effect on them. It has increased movement and defense in mountains. Fire Archer - Replaces Archer, has immunity to lava, deals just as much damage as the normal archer but inflicts the burn effect as well. Vulkem - Replaces Swordsman, has immunity to lava, has 20 health and 25 as vet. It also has increased movement and defense in mountains. can deal heavy ranged damage, but only at a distance of 5 to 11 tiles away. Volcanoes turn the four immediate tiles to their sides to lava. Lava inflicts the opponent with the burn effect, and for every turn a unit ends in lava it is dealt 5 damage. Volcanoes can only be built on top of mountains, and they cost 15 stars to make. You are also only allowed to have three of them in existence at a time The Burn effect deals 2 damage to the unit for the next two turns after it is attacked. It does not affect frozen units. The effect can be removed by having a unit take a turn to put itself out. ![Sketch of the special units, terrain, and cities for the fan made tribe]( ~Tribe created by Nyrrv#4841~ # Mute-ban column Disclaimer: Many mute and ban commands are executed on admin only channels. Some fields below will show ‘unavailable’ because the commands were not performed in public channels. In some cases, the data can be inferred from context and will be placed in parenthesis. | Date | Staff | Perpetrator | Punishment | Duration | Reason | |--------|-------------|--------------|------------|-------------|----------------------------------------------| | [May 23]( | Paxu | Bardur Giant | tempmute | 24 hours | sending Nsfw content into people’s dms | | [May 24]( | Paxu | zingu | tempmute | 4 hours | more toxicity | | [May 26]( | Paxu | Panzerkäse | mute | unspecified | posting video of someone hit by a car | | [May 26]( | Bush | zingu | tempmute | 8 hours | stop with toxicity lol | | [May 27]( | Hoodwick | joshgames | tempmute | 2 hours | literally 1 billion warnings stop | | [May 27]( | Hoodwick | Cata | tempmute | 2 hours | I think you also need to stop for a bit | | [May 27]( | Katane | Bardur Giant | tempmute | 8 hours | Till i decide what to do with you (bullying) | | May 27 | ?? | zingu | banned | unspecified | fights with everyone | | [May 28]( | Paxu | Halfi | tempmute | 4 hours | toxicity | | May 28 | ?? | Bardur Giant | banned | unspecified | cyberbullying | | [May 28]( | ForeverBlue | MaltheLG | mute | unspecified | Unspecified | # Credits Thanks to all our contributors - Espark, Dust, Druid, 1Chill, Tintin, CallmeSusan, and Tntmasta. A big thanks to Artemis for setting up the website for the newspaper. Also, thanks to our faithful readers for encouraging the paper to continue. If you want to submit a piece to the newspaper -- art, news article, opinion piece, puzzle, etc -- let us know in #article-suggestions. Keep up Ai-Mo!