By Espark on Sun 20 Jun, 2021.

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June 20th, 2021

“The only literate tribe deserves the best in information and entertainment.”

Polytopia News:

Membership Dips and Bumps

In the past month, PolyMain gained over 700 new members, a 2.4% increase compared to the previous months. Although the server had been losing members for a few days in early June, an announcement was made in the app on June 14 inviting players to join the official Discord server. As of publication, PolyMain has 29,311 members.

Graph of membership levels over the last three months

Kickoo Art Contest Winners

On the 16th of June, over 200 votes were cast in the Kickoo Tribe Moon art contest. The prompt was to create an artwork with a short description about a Polytopian Festival.

First place and the Champion Role went to @PapaBless, who had previously won first and second place in the May 2020 Luxidoor House and June 2021 Luxidoor Currency art contests, respectively.

Second place went to @viera903 for his Bloody Moon Festival. Viera garnered first place in last month’s art contest and third place in the Xin-xi Architecture contest.

Third place was a tie between @Sharkbr00, a first-time art contest finalist, and @THomez, who had taken first place twice before: in February 2021 lore contest and October 2020 Cosmetics art contest.

As the newspaper had reported previously, the trend of winning entries being posted last continues. Out of the four winners, three of them belong to the entries that were posted last.

Luminous digital landscape of Luxidoor city

Festival of Riches by @PapaBless#6026

Vengir town square with large red swordsman statue surrounded by drunken polytopian revelers

Bloody Moon Festival by @viera903#1111

Quetzali dancing in a cirlce with a Mayan style temple in the background

"Quilquatzi" Festival by @Sharkbr00#6419

Four large kayaks, Pink, Red, Blue and Green, racing down a jungle river

Dragon boat festival by @THomez#3081

Ai-Mo News:

The deadline for the PolyPride Art contest and the PolyPride writing contest is on the 25th of June. Please consider submitting some art or a writing piece, fiction or nonfiction, which revolves around an LGBTQ+ theme.


Sculpted model of an Oumaji terrain

Sculpted model of an Imperius terrain

Sculpted model of an Vengir terrain

Terrain models by @An_introvert_apparently#6354

Fanmade Tribe

Anglara by @DugongOfUltimatePower#9120

Acclimated to the extreme water pressure and inky blackness of the twilight zone from birth, the Anglara tribe began to colonize the surface world only decades ago, staking claim to remote island chains with enough undersea trenches to keep them in contact with their settlements deep below the sea. Now, the Anglara begin rituals to call foul creatures from the depths, harnessing them with hopes of first conquering Aquarion, and then moving onto the puny terrestrial Polytopians who are too afraid to venture off of their sandy beaches!

The Anglara tribe has an entirely rewritten fishing tech branch, lure-headed warriors, a whole new terrain type, and several new units and resources!

Polytopian wearing blue tunic and a gray hood with a dangling blue light

The Anglara are the 8th special tribe in the game, and their color is a unique and dark shade of blue. They start with the “Aquatism” tech, which replaces fishing!

Square of terrain with electric eel, sea monster, and octopus in low poly style

All their units have the Lure ability, which allows them to use their turn in order to make their head lures glow brighter and attract nearby enemy units. When this happens, all enemy units within one to two tiles have a 20% chance to move one tile closer to the unit through the most direct means possible. If all directions leading to the unit are occupied, it does not move. All units who move closer (or are blocked from doing so but would otherwise move) also receive a 0.5 defence penalty and will not be able to deal retaliation damage to attackers for one turn. This ability can be used strategically to lure units into cunning traps.

Mute/Ban Column

Disclaimer: Many mute and ban commands are executed in admin only channels. Some fields below will show "unavailable" if the commands were not performed in public channels. In some cases, the data can be inferred from context and will be enclosed in parentheses.

Date Staff Perpetrator Punishment Duration Reason
June 14 Bush Pump tempmute 12 hours bad word
June 17 ForeverBlue Kevin the Sailor mute 24 hours Spam ping mods


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