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Ai-Mo Times

Aug 8th, 2021

“The only literate tribe deserves the best in information and entertainment.”

Polytopia News:

Oumaji Tribe moon

August brings the Oumaji Tribe Moon celebration. This is the second tribe celebration in a row to have used the same official art as last year. Of all the recycled tribe art, the server admin said Midjiwan didn’t like the Oumaji art that the artist made. Between illness and staff going on vacation, new art was not made in time.

The art contest prompt focuses on the new Oumaji lore and the idea of a “Hamu.”

“The Oumaji refer to any large grouping of people as a ‘hamu,’ which can also be applied to anywhere people congregate. Town Hall? ‘Hamu.’ Battlefield? ‘Hamu.’ The entire Square? That's right, ‘Hamu’ It was the Battle of the Limdor Dunes that decided the proper number of people for a hamu - at least 5."

Submit your ideas of what a Hamu looks like in the PolyMain server by August 17th. The winner of the art contest will get stickers, a Steam key, and a full month of Discord Nitro!

Tribe duels

There are only three days left in this round of the PolyMain Tribe Duels. Over 50 duels have been fought and 15 are still in progress. The previous tribe duel champion, Ai-Mo, has more wins than any other tribe.

Much of the chat about the tribe duels this week revolved around the inevitability of Cymanti taking the championship. Two Cymanti players admitted they only are playing for the bug tribe because they are so strong and feel confident they will win.

StrayToast( Cymanti) said, “Personally, [I’m] only playing cymanti cause they're busted.”

Hooges0909 (Bardur) asked, “Can cymanti get nerfed already because we all know that bardur would win if it was a fair fight.”

Although it is not surprising that Cymanti’s opponent in the duel, Bardur, was bitter about having to face the strongest tribe in the game. Players from many other tribes felt that Cymanti had an unfair advantage. “Even as an Ai-Mo I want Bardur to win,” 1ChillAnimator(Ai-Mo) explained.

AntCrafter (Ai-Mo) agreed, “It’s not about bardur winning, it’s about Cymanti losing”

Paxu, an admin in PolyMain, said, “It was always a discussion of when Cymanti wins, even in the pre-planning phase. Here's to hoping someone beats the odds, but they're way too OP to participate imo. I think we even considered having professional players join tribes against them but realized even that wouldn't really matter. I was told we can't ban them and that was that.“

Ai-Mo News

On August 8th, Pi-Kappa, a long time Ai-Mo tribe leader and former admin on PolyMain was kicked from the Ai-Moya server after giving admin perms to several new accounts who then broke the server rules and harassed the owner. Pi-Kappa later claimed he wasn't drunk and that it wasn't him, but his friends who had got on his phone. At this time it is unclear if/when PiKappa will be allowed back in an admin position.

Fan Art

Battle Day series by Cartiken

By Praetorian

By DaRealpotatolord


The Altar of Llamo (An epic story poem in the style of Coleridge) by Hothwampa

‘Twas eons in the past, In this great abode of snow; A ‘Topian began a climb, In search of wisdom they did go.

There amongst sweet mountain spring, Many a great river’s origin Waist-deep in meltwater crevasse The adventure did begin.

Pass, precipice, and summit, Toward the highest of the high; A wondrous elevation ascend, To a temple in the sky.

Above a sea of cotton clouds, Heaven n’ earth hitherto did meet; Punctured suddenly in places, By mountains jagged, cold and steep.

Where Birds of passage call above, Painting streaks in crystal sky, In heavenly orbit committed, Upon mild thermals did they fly.

Called back down to earth, By an orgle and a hum; The traveller curious from whence, Strange sounds emanated from.

As the great disc of the Sol, Slid behind majestic peaks, Toward an ancient structure, The lone figure commenced to creep.

Once there stood before it bold, On the great Ai-mo Plateau; It’s tiered stupa rising up and up, Was a wonder to behold.

Then Peering into shadow, At the monuments great doorway, A soundless voice was heard, Calling “enter, come this way”

And there ensconced within, A great number all at prayer; Kneeling in great chambers, Robes of turquoise all did wear.

After watching for an eon, With no greeting or salute! The weary wretch did break and cry, I come to seek the truth!

At this but one did stir and rise, Beckoning the weary soul inside; Drawing fingers down a forehead, A stripe of Issi dye!

Still no words were spoken! But given Om-soi and a tent, Daily chores and mucking out; Happily exchanged as rent.

After months and months of service, The pupil could stand no more! An audience with ‘The One’ was sought; Genuflecting at his door.

The hallowed gate did only open, After many parched stale days; Emerged, the monk offered out a hand, ‘Come my child, ask away’…

But instead of gazing bliss upon, The Monk on bended knee; The seeker was led out back and sat, To face his tethered steed!

Here is ‘The One’ you seek, The monk declared with a wry smile; For this beast has carried you safe, Many a treacherous mile!

And in your service he has toiled, Time now it is to return, The care he has bestowed on you; And balance you will earn.

For here we worship not One but ALL With mediation, work and love, The cycle is thus restored; Far below as is above.

These loyal creatures are our Gods, And we servants to their kind; Our way of life upon them rests, While they labour, we grow our minds!

And every tribe moon past since then, This disciple there does go; To worship once again, At the altar of Llamo!

Mute ban column

Disclaimer: Many mute and ban commands are executed in admin-only channels. Some fields below will show “unavailable” if the commands were not performed in public channels. In some cases, the data can be inferred from context and will be enclosed in parentheses.

Date Staff Perpetrator Punishment Duration Reason
Aug 3 ForeverBlue coolmancool63 tempmute 4 hours midjiwan ding
Aug 5 Paxu ARamenJapan tempmute 8 hours joke mod ping
Aug 6 Paxu ClickClackPow mute Unspecified Unspecified
Aug 6 Bush Shrek tempmute 12 hours nwoed


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