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Dec 5th, 2021

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Polytopia News

Quickie Tournament (QT)

After repeated demands from people looking for a "quick game," tournament directors have organized the Quickie Tourney (QT) in the PolyMain server.

The QT is a 1v1 mirror match tournament hosted in PolyMain. Registration opened Dec 1st and games will begin Dec 7th. The event will last 7-9 weeks; 7 weeks for the main tournament and two more weeks for the finals. The tournament will feature the new Small (196 tiles) maps and 5 minute turns. The idea is for the games to be played in one sitting.

The winner gets a champion role, one month nitro, Steam key, and stickers. Also, semifinalists (6 wins or more) get tickets to compete in PolyLive season 2

To join the tournament type !QT in #bot-commands in PolyMain. Read #QT-information for more details and player instructions.


Do you care about the oceans? Do you play polytopia? Are you on Discord?

If so, you can help clean up pollution by playing single player Polytopia challenges through the PolyChampions discord server with the help of TeamSeas, a charity Polytopia fundraiser.

Sponsoring or competing in events will add money to the cash pile which will be donated to the TeamSeas ecological charity. TeamSeas partners with Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup to raise money to remove plastic and trash from our ocean, rivers, and beaches.

The goal is donate money to the charity based on how well players do in the games. For example, a player has to reach X goal in Y amount of turns and sponsors donate $Z. All entries must be posted by Dec 31st.

You can help in two ways:

1) Sign up to be sponsor and pledge money towards the amount earned by players 2) Compete in the single player events to raise money for the charities

Details can be found in the PolyChampions discord server


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