By Espark on Tue 09 Mar, 2021.

Ai - Mo Times

Monday,May 25,2020

Hi, I am your host, 1Chill. Today, my reporter friends, Druid, Joxteoz, Artemis, Midjiknight, others and I are going to present the newspaper to you.

Polytopia News:

Today, the elections ended, and the tribe leaders (TLs) were chosen. Now, based on how many votes each tribe received, the elected TL can choose other co-TLs that can help him/her. Zoy explained that this is a feature so that nobody feels bad, and is happy. The TL of our tribe is Druid (aka DSpark) and from now, he will lead us during a 3 month period.

The rest of the TLs are:

They were chosen by their tribe community. Depending on how many votes there are, they can choose other co-TLs that will help them. Overall, the server was hyped for the big event today, and even some new people joined, like Alexutzu83. People also started more online games. Today, Espark streamed how she was playing the Beta Steam version, showing that the future will be a bright one. Also, an online game played only with special tribes was organised. After that would finish, we will see which Special Tribe is the best. Now that the elections have ended, and for the 3 month term, we wish Good Luck to all the TLs. Keep Up Polytopia. -

Ai - Mo News:

From today on, Ai-mo has a new tribe leader (TL) who will lead us for the next 3 months. As TL, Druid will choose the other co-TL’s for Ai-Mo. After the election was concluded, the admins and the mods were a bit active in #ai-mo-monastery because of the people who didn’t really get the idea of the second, or third TL’s. They discussed how co-TLs are the almost same thing as the previous system. Luckily, the peace was not disturbed, since the Admins and the Mods explained the concept to them. We also got some new Ai-Mo members such as Alexutzu83, Robbie, tnat99, and CoolNotFoolGuy.

- To sum up, our tribe is doing very well. The Polytopian Leaderboard which shows the game high scores, an Ai-Mo player is on the second place. A lot of Ai-Moyans. We are continuing our mission of spreading peace and serenity through the server. - Congrats to our new Tribe Leader, Druid, that from now, for 3 months he will lead us, say a congrats! Talk with him; he is here to help. - Thanks to everyone who reads this, thanks to Espark for editing this, thanks to Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis and others for being the best reporters. Thanks to Espark for being the number #1 fan, thanks to the Admins and Mods for letting us post the newspaper, and thanks to YOU.

Keep Up Ai-Mo!Keep Up TL’s!Keep Up Ai-Mo!Keep Up DRUID!