By Espark on Sun 23 Oct, 2022.

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Oct 23rd 2022

“The only literate tribe deserves the best in information and entertainment.”

Polytopia News

On October 20th, to help celebrate the Polytopia Discord server reaching 40,000 members, Midjiwan joined Zoythrus in a 90 minute question and answer session in a live Voice Chat event.

Most of the questions were things people have asked many times before - fire tribe, guns in game, aquarion rework, etc. The only new information was that they are working on a new special tribe that will have electricity powers and that Midjiwan is planning to make Polytopia Legends into an RPG open world game. Midjiwan also mentioned that he had toyed with the idea of making a version of Polytopia set in space.

Espark said, “The Q&A session with Midjiwan went really well. I'm so glad he was able to join us in the server”

Dastig said, “the Midjiwan VC event was very enjoyable. My favorite part was when he leaked the 17th tribe”

AutistMatrix said, “I can imagine this tribe having the Steampunk style and being able to perform chain attacks. And god knows what else. Maybe copy technologies from other tribes?”

McGoon said, “i reckon their navy branch could be the most interesting being electric they could have something completely different down there”

-TzarEddie- said, “Chain attacks that don't leave a unit to die if it's successful (knights) would be really cool”

On the recording, you can hear Midjiwan’s idea for a virus spreading tribe that was supposed to be launched in 2020 and got shelved because of Covid (15 minutes). New electricity tribe is at 17minues “I’m playing around with Electricity as some kind of electricity weapon.” Midjiwan also talked about the new game he is working on, Polytopia Legends. It is a game set in the Polytopia Universe as an RPG, open world game. He said, “It is a very ambitious game idea so it will probably take 25 years to finish.” Other highlights from the question and answer session were how Midjiwan once played around with an outer space version of the game and how he liked the suggestion forum in discord because it allows him to be more involved in the community.


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