By Espark on Tue 09 Mar, 2021.

Ai - Mo Times

Hi, I am your host 1Chill, and today my reporter friends, Druid, Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis, PeacefulPotato, and I are going to present to you the newspaper for today, 30/5/2020.

Polytopia News:

Today, on the Polytopian Discord Server, things have gone a bit odd, even if the server is still quiet. Some in-game problems appeared that scared some of the people. When you enter the game, a pop-up message may appear. Some people didn’t know how to react. Luckly, with the help of the Mods and Admins, they managed to contact Zoy, that fixed the problem soon, after that he posted an announcement in #announcements.

Zoy wrote: “We've already reported the certificate popup you may have received when you open up Polytopia. It will be resolved soon. (Zoy).” The problem was fixed, and now, everyone is okay. Now, the server is still very quiet, but today, a big number of people joined, showing that, there might be hope, in the future, the next update will attract a lot of people in.

Ai - Mo News:

Today, in our peaceful community, a high amount of people joined the voice chat to listen to music. However, there was more spam on the server, for example, pings and others being included in the spam. Overall, the monastery is safe, and everybody is happy. We try to help, spread peace and serenity through the server, and to keep up the happiness. Keep Up Ai-Mo!


Today, our reporters discovered in the Polytopia Fan Ideas, an archive created by Grim Squeker, in the archive, interesting info about a new tribe idea was discovered, today, we gonna present to you, the Mindranii tribe: Here are the techs that get changed Philosophy -> Education Meditation -> Stargazing Smithery -> Aethermancy Navigation has the same name but the tech is changed Education unlocks university building. University provides 1 population, reduces tech costs by 3-5% (not sure yet) of the initial cost. One per city cost: 7 Aetherknight stats: Hp: 15 Atk: 3.5 Def: 2 Mov: 1 Rng: 1 Cst: 8 Skl: Dash, Blink Blink skill description: Active ability. Allows this unit to move 3 tiles ignoring all movement barriers. Tiles are only revealed if an enemy is on them. You are still able to attack after blinking. Stargazing allows the construction of an Observatory building Observatory allows you to reveal one tile at the start of the turn (it randomly picks an undiscovered tile. Maybe it is more inclined to pick tiles near enemies?) There can only be one built at any time Cost 20 stars So basically the portals. I had a big think and this is what I came up with. The Aethergates can only be formed by the release of a huge burst of aetherial energy. The Mindranii can do this in controlled environments of course, but on the field of battle the only way they have found of executing this maneuvre is the shattering of the blade of an Aetherknight, thus releasing enough energy to be manipulated into an Aethergate by an Aethermancer. How it actually works in-game: Aetherknights have an active ability called shatter. It destroys the unit and creates an Aethergate in its place. For this ability to be used, there must be an Aethermancer adjacent to the Aetherknight. The Aethergate: Upon creation, you choose an exit tile. This exit tile must be: a) no closer than 2 tiles away from your border b) not in enemy territory c) not on a unit d) on a land tile The exit is marked by a blue sparkly rim around the tile. This is visible by any team. Moving a friendly unit onto the Aethergate will cause them to teleport to the exit and end their turn. An enemy unit will destroy it and the exit. Units cannot move from the entrance to the exit if there is a unit on the exit. Instead, they will move as soon as the exit is clear, EVEN IF IT IS CLEARED ON AN ENEMY TURN. If an enemy moves on an exit, both ends are destroyed. Aethermancer (super unit) Cost: N/A Hp: 25 Atk: 3 Def: 3 Range: 2 Mov: 1 Skl: teleport, scholar, heal Weapon: sort of lightning zap Teleport: Active ability When used, allows you to move a unit within a 5x5 square around you to another empty land square in that area. This ends that unit's turn unless it has persist or escape. You may not teleport onto Aethergates Scholar: Allows use of Shatter active ability for all surrounding Aetherknights Right I've thought of trees and stuff Trees: silver birch Animals: drakes (they are sort of like small wingless dragons, but clever, which fits the theme of this being a big brain tribe) Fields: same colour as pine trees (sort of dark green) Fruit: Holly berries (no idea why, it just seemed like a good one) Mountains: tall with snowy peaks, pointy (Thanks to Grim Squeker)


Today, our reporters, also interviewed GullYY one of the biggest Polytopia Youtubers, and here is the interview:

Chill: When did you start playing Polytopia?

GullYY: I believe it was about 3 years ago. My friend showed Polytopia to me while we were in class, and I got addicted. We'd play a lot of Pass & Play games but I'd always lose because I had no idea what I was doing.

Chill: What is the tribe you recommend for newbies to play?

GullYY: I'd recommend Luxidoor, because they can fit any situation decently well, unlike Kickoo whose only good on spacious maps or Vengir whose only good on cramped maps. If you want to play a free tribe, take Bardur.

Chill: When did you start making YouTube videos, and why?

GullYY: Believe it or not, GullYY was not my first YouTube channel, I think I had about 3 others that failed because I didn't really put in the effort. The first ever video I made was created somewhere in 2014. I started YouTube because I wanted to entertain people, and brighten people's day. I know that sounds cliché, but that's really the main reason why I started my channel.

Chill: What programs do you use for your YouTube videos?

GullYY: I use Open Broadcast Software (OBS) for recording and I edit with DaVinci Resolve 16, both programs are free, and work very well. I also use to make my thumbnails 1ChillAnimator|Ai-Mo MinisterToday at 4:25 PM Chill: Thanks. When did your channel started growing up in Subs and Views?

GullYY: Lemme check my analytics real quick Around March 16th, 2019 I started to gain consistent traction, and on February 4th, 2020 I really started to grow quickly. I'm guessing this is because I started to turn into a more Polytopia based channel.

Chill: What do you think is the best tribe in Polytopia?

GullYY: I used to think Kickoo was the best, but now I'm leaning towards Luxidoor. Starting with a level 3 capital allows you to train more units in the first couple of turns, making it easy to spread rapidly and punish economic tribes. If your talking in terms of a tribe's scenery and such, I'd say Xin-Xi.

Chill: OK. What other games do you like except Polytopia?

GullYY: There are the other games I do on my channel, like Minecraft, Terraria, Slime Rancher ect. I'm also a big fan of the Fallout series. Fallout: New Vegas is one of my favorite games, right up there with Polytopia.

Chill: Do you think the Discord Polytopian Community is dead, did you observe the inactivity?

GullYY: No, every time I'm on the server there's always people conversing one way or another. I haven't been active on the Polyopia Discord as much as I'd like, so I'm kind of out of the loop on some things.

Chill: How would you classify yourself as a Polytopia Player, Pro, Good, or something else?

GullYY: I'd say I'm at least decent. I'm definitely not one of the best as some of my commenters put it. A majority of Poly Champs players would slap me into the fifth dimension. That's good though because it means I have room to improve my skills. Games get boring when you've learned everything there is to know about them.

Chill: OK, Thanks, what are your plans for Youtube in the future?

GullYY: I just got Civilization VI, so in the near future I'd like to make some content of that along side Polytopia. I also want to make some more in-depth Polytopia tutorials and redo some of my old guides because I gave some lackluster advice. If you're talking long term future, It would be amazing if this could be my "job" but that's still a long ways off. (Thanks to GullYY) - Thanks to everyone who reads this, thanks to Druid, Espark and Potato for editing, thanks to Joxteoz, Hspark, Artemis and others for being good reporters, thanks to Grim Squeker for the tribe idea, and thanks to GullYY for letting us interview him, thanks to all the Mods and Admins that are letting us post the newspaper, and thanks to YOU.Keep Up Ai-Mo!