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Zoythrus™ | Midjiwan's Prophet 01-Feb-22 11:04 AM
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Zoythrus™ | Midjiwan's Prophet 01-Feb-22 11:04 AM
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Smallkloon 01-Feb-22 11:35 AM
My masterpiece, a bardur soldier mesmerized by a spiny object.
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created using adobe photoshop
it is my first time doing it, so I know it isn't too good :(
tan11pan 02-Feb-22 08:47 AM
Some say that the mindbender's staff can slow down or speed up time itself. That explains how they can heal the wounds of soldiers on the front line so quickly.
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Pi | Ancient Ai-Moyan Apostle 03-Feb-22 05:35 AM
A small oumaji pocket sundial, more convenient for desert travel than any clockwork due to clear skies and the tendancy for sand to get in the workings. The compass not only instructs on how to orient the timepiece but is also useful as a compass in it's own right
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ekolis 03-Feb-22 09:27 AM
This is the Hoodrick sundial. Made from a shield and thirteen arrows fired precisely by the tribe's best archer. The sundial is read by checking which of the twelve outer arrows the shadow cast by the central arrow points at.
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Ghalind | Official Bug Hate Club 03-Feb-22 09:29 AM
Deep in the caves of Vengir, the time for a shift change can be hard to determine. As such, the Vengir set up a system outside the mines. One man cuts a rope holding a large gem into a crate of others. The resulting chime echoes through the cave, signaling the end of a shift for the miners harvesting ores and gems inside.
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'ΉYPΣЯDЯIVΣ35 03-Feb-22 09:46 AM
The Imperius use sundials whenever they can. They are a great tool for passers-by to determine whether they will arrive on time. However, sundials lose their accuracy as seasons change. The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. Besides that, sundials dont work when it is cloudy or when its night. Thus they experiment with other methods. One of the most reliable at this stage are Klepsydrae; clocks using sand or water to measure time precisely. Their only drawback is that they vary on ships in the ocean and at high altitudes.
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Gonk 03-Feb-22 10:21 AM
A brave oumaji man checking when to harvest in the middle of a sandstorm. These Obelisk work by aligning with certain stars in the sky which only appear on specific dates in time, allowing for the oumaji to know when to harvest, pray, or begin funerals
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scip 03-Feb-22 11:25 AM
Fun fact, all Gaamis have wrist watches. Most of them are really bad at remembering to check them however. (edited)
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Cepheid - Former Polaris TL 03-Feb-22 08:45 PM
The Polarisi commonly use the ice clock, a variation on the more common water clock. As the fire melts the ice, water drains from the bottom, lowering the pointer. It is very simple, made only from a few carefully measured pieces of wood. Ice clocks are mainly used as timers: the barrel is filled with ice until the pointer is pointing at the wanted time, and when it hits the bottom, time is up. (The numbers displaying the time are Polarisi letters, which double as numbers in the Polaris society.) (edited)
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BuffandaFan 04-Feb-22 02:04 AM
The Xin-Xi drop-clocks are used to calculate the time by dropping a 4 chambered hour glass down a carved wall and then bringing it back up in a waterfall. A giant clock is carved in to the side of mount Xin-Xi. Miniature ones are common in homes. (edited)
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PG 422 06-Feb-22 06:32 AM
When on the move, the vengir will occasionally use themselves as sundials, telling the time by the length of their shadows. (edited)
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Gaami | makes polytopia fanart 06-Feb-22 07:04 AM
the gurdu cave is the cave used by the Polaris and long before their time, the Gaami presented this to them in the very early creation of the polaris tribe, the polaris ancestors graved symbols representing a certain amount of numbers of hours, minutes, days and months. even with a little amount of light it shines through the hole in the cave and everytime for a different hour it will reflect off the icicles and shine on one of the engravings showing the time.
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Bugiwan | Add :cirugun: 06-Feb-22 10:15 AM
When held up to the sun, the luxidoor’s sun gem refracts the light into different colours. You can tell the time of day by looking at where the coloured light shines. (The art is looking through the eyes of a luxidoor)
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Shroomi 06-Feb-22 07:26 PM
Vengir approved hourglass, each line represents 1 hour, it gets turned every 24 hours (Yes the spike is removable), can also be used as a murder weapon self defense tool just in case.... they bring 2 of them as they can only be used to tell the time every 2 days...
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the XP muncher 06-Feb-22 11:30 PM
The Eutricus Clock Tower is a tall clock tower at the center of the Imperius capital. At a height of a staggering 161.25 inches(Very tall for Polytopians), this is the tallest building in Imperius. This clock tower was named after the Imperius emperor that ordered to build this tower. It took over 14 years to build. (edited)
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the XP muncher 06-Feb-22 11:41 PM
For comparison, this thing is about as tall as the average length of a human car (4m). (edited)
newfungle 07-Feb-22 09:04 PM
When the first Cymanti tribe members settled in their marshy homeland, they discovered that the dense tree line and thick fog that covered the marsh prevented their sundials from working properly. However, the discovery of the Sphi-Chi Fly offered an alternative method of telling the time: By observing the fly's day long lifecycles through 8 separate stages of growth, the Cymanti could tell the time in spite of the lack of sunlight. Following the fly's domestication, they've become inseparable parts of Cymanti culture, acting both as living clocks and day-long companions. Oftentimes, families will have an entire bloodline of Sphi-Chi flies bred by and exclusive to them. (edited)
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DEI_1945 09-Feb-22 05:02 AM
In the middle of cymanti swamp cymantian usualy use candle instead of sun that failed to reach the swamp floor they will use candle instead. one stripes equal to 1 hour. *1 star per 4 hour (edited)
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Benj1710_ 09-Feb-22 03:37 PM
After the vengir tribe discovered the secret of harnessing the power of lightning to the the time the Elyrion tribe soon got jealous and tried to steal this great secret, after many attempts to figure out this secret they thought simply to destroy the clock, so they’re plan was to send over one of their most elite dragons, yhara who was ordered to destroy the clock tower which in turn buried the secret of harnessing lightning to tell the time forever (edited)
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Walthrus 10-Feb-22 09:31 PM
Many tribes use mechanical means or sundials to tell the time but the ai-mo have a unique system: every day a Sun Speaker ascends to the top of a tall pillar in easy range of sunlight. Using a meditative trance, the warmth of the sun on their skin, and a pendulum, they calculate the time. At regular untervals they give just enough of a tug to ring a ceremonial bell. It is a highly prestigious and important job that many ai-children want to be when they grow up!
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SuperQTCat 11-Feb-22 11:33 AM
Elyrion were magical creatures of the forest. This being their natural expertise, they used their magical capabilities to enchant a timely trance into the trees. This process was not forbidden by the elders, as it did not directly harm the tree, and if anything, would enforce the tree into time itself. The polytopians of elyrion have been using this method ever since time was a thing. (edited)
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Titan Five 12-Feb-22 03:40 AM
In the center of every Oumaji city there is a Time square, each hourglass represents an time of the day. The hourglass was invented hundreds of years ago and is their primary way of telling time.
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No am 12-Feb-22 08:14 AM
A Polytopian Infography showcasing Polaris tradition, cuisine, a game while maintaining the concept of timekeeping. (Zoom in with Google Chrome to read) Text just in case: CRYSTAL CATCH-IT A traditional Polaris children's game. What is it? During the Gaami-building festivals, the Polaris prepare Ice Heaters while the children gather Annuqi Crystals. The game is played by using some of them. Rules Players gather around the Ice Heater, and throw a Crystal at each other near the heat. If you let it fall, break it, throw it too hard to be catchable/or it breaks, you lose and everyone throws a snowball at you. Repeat until the Crystal softens. Conclusion After the Crystal becomes soft enough, the children share pieces of it. Originally, the crystal's softening point was used as just a signal that the soup is ready, but over the years it has become a cherished tradition...
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Grandmokia the Ancient One™ 13-Feb-22 07:47 PM
The Luxidoor don't do anything in half-measures. The Phantrix Clock is a huge structure built in the center of city squares. The interior of the elephant houses a bucket with a hole that fills every 30 minutes. The pull of the rope tied to this bucket triggers a weighted golden ball to dispense from the dome into the mouth of the emerald dragon. The dragon drops its golden charge into an awaiting vase, triggering the interior bucket to be pulled to the top of the water surface. This repeats every half hour with the drummer on the front of the phantrix beating a chime to let Luxidoor civilians know what time it is
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Dylan 15-Feb-22 12:04 AM
To keep track of long term plans, the Quetzali carve massive stone calendars brimming with detail that go far into the distant future. These calendars last for eons, and are usually adorned with Qui-Quis, ancient symbols, and depictions of other tribes. Pictured here, a Quetzali farmer discuses with his chief how long it will take for a qorn field to grow. (Open original and zoom in to see more detail on the calendar) (edited)
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Knoxy | ex-Imperius Chancellor 15-Feb-22 04:56 AM
When it comes to measure time, Imperius natives use these wooden dishes. Water from container floats in exacly 15 minutes. They can be also easily stacked using attached legs to measure more time. However, after using many times, hole incerases, so container empties faster. Glass is expensive, so containers with pane are used rarely during sport events and war campaigns.
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141 | Hiatus 'Til October 15-Feb-22 08:12 AM
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Espark | Ai-Mom 15-Feb-22 11:59 AM
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